Liberty Film Group Inc.


The Stepping Stone Program is a mentoring program for first time writers and directors.

The partners at liberty have a long history of discovering and fostering new talent, with special emphasis on the independent film market and minority communities.

The program is designed to identify creative talent and provide a support structure for projects that meet the Stepping Stone admission criteria.

To apply for the Liberty Films Stepping Stone Program, please contact us by e-mail. Admission is limited and requires an in-person interview.

Free Fall

Umbrella House

Current Stepping Stone Projects

Seven Fishes

Liberty Film Group, Inc. was established in 2009 by industry veterans Maria Nelson, Ellyn Long Marshall and  Andrei Campeanu and Sergio Morales, with the specific mission of fostering the independent film and TV market in New York, focusing on projects with cross-cultural, global themes and emerging markets. Liberty currently has 7 projects in various stages of development.

* The company name is a nod to a group of film-making pioneers,  who in the 40’s decided to defy the status quo.